Devin Cranford | Aug. 20, 2023

Have you ever been conversing with a salesperson and they completely freeze up? Probably not. Why? The salesman is trained explicitly for specific situations when selling their product. So, how is your website any different? Your website is designed to help process more sales from the online sector. Allowing your website to have long loading times allows for situational doubt in the possible client. This is something that you do not want to happen. Sales is hard but when your sales media freezes then you might be left in the cold.

PageSpeed Insights audit of on Aug. 20, 2023

So the question now is how do you make your website go faster? Well, son listen to me! You need to supercharge your website! Supercharging your website comes down to optimizing and tuning to make the web pages load as fast as possible. Implementing a few simple processes into your website then it will help out a bunch. Keep in mind I’m talking about WordPress sites. If you have any other platform “sorry”!

  1. Implementing a Cache Clearing System. Cache clearing is essential with any website. You have to clear what I like to call the short-term memory of your website every once in a while to stop it from becoming overwhelmed. You can do this very easily through a plugin called LiteSpeed Cache. I think it works the best and it offers great features for being free.

2. Optimizing photos. Websites are visual tools. There is no getting around the fact that you need photos for your website. The problem is that most of the time people will just chuck on photos straight from their phone. The issue is that normal photo formats are not generally the most optimized for web pages. The most effective format that I have used is the WebP format. LiteSpeed Cache also helps with optimizing photos too.


3. Lower the amount of stuff that you have on the webpage. This includes media, inactive web pages, and plugins. If you have stuff you don’t need then get rid of it. It’s as simple as that. 


A good tool to check the speed of your website is called PageSpeed Insights. It’s free and very helpful when it comes to designing and building websites that perform as intended.