Devin Cranford | September 5, 2023

Get more sales online: The analogy that I use so often is that your website is a salesperson! The fact that a lot of the functions on your website are very similar to that of a salesperson. Once you start thinking about using your website to sell. It’s almost like you added another salesperson to your team. Going over the steps that I would take to implement your website into your sales system you’ll definitely grow your leads, keep a consistent flow of customers, and start making sales online.

1. Grow your leads list to get more sales

Leads! They are by far the most important thing to keep consistent sales for your ever-growing business. There are a few things that you can implement into your website to automate the process of collecting leads. 


The first thing that I’d do is make a tool in your hero section. I use real estate websites as an example. You may have an option for the leads to enter their email and info into the website to then get a curated list of properties sent directly to their email. It makes it very easy for them to see what properties they can afford and meet their criteria. Then when properties that match or that are similar come to market they will get an immediate email telling them not to sleep on the listing. 


Implementing similar processes for your website will majorly change the way that your website will work for you.


The next thing that you’ll want to try when building a leads list is to make your website actually usable. Having good UX (User Experience) is the difference between the lead leaving frustrated that they wasted time (there is a good chance that they’ll never return) and them leaving well-informed and happy that they signed up for your service. 


UX is the way that the website functions under its normal use cases. UX combined with UI is a team that no one can compare to. UI is the process of designing a website to be interesting in the pursuit of keeping the potential customer on the website as long as possible. UX is the process of making the website function hiccup-free and very easy to navigate. 


UX and UI can help when it comes to keeping leads on the page long enough to experience what your company can offer.

2. Have a consistent flow of users to grow sales

One thing that people look for in the success of their website is the flow of users on the platform. This isn’t quite the most important analytic on your website but still is important nonetheless.


Optimizing for SEO is very important for the number of new users that find your website. Search Engine Optimization is the way that Google or any other search engine provides your website results on their Platform. So optimizing your website to show up on those platforms helps bring new users on with spending less than using Google Ads. SEO is very dependent on keywords, strategy, and wording. Having a professional optimize your website for SEO might not be a bad idea.

3. Start making sales online!

Having a website online making sales for you may be the best feeling ever. You barely have to do any work. This is where many people fail their online business even before they get to one thousand sales. You still need to be involved in the process of sales online.


One of the biggest mistakes that I see many business owners make when it comes to their website is that they think that building a website is a one-and-done thing. This is far from the truth. You have to keep your website up to date and keep adding new details to keep your website at the top of the list. 


Your website needs updates, frequent checking on vitals, and UX testing to make sure all the features of the website work for your potential customers.


Once you start implementing these things into your website I can guarantee growth in both users and sales.