Welcome to the test!

Devin Cranford | 2/28/2023

Seriously though welcome to the test. This adventure has been going on for what feels like minutes but has been 6 months. I came to the realization that a Web Design Business would be interesting to do after landing a gig with a startup Cafe in the area I grew up. I must thank my friend for helping put my name out there. Without that, I would still be working my 8-4:30 job as an embroidery tech. It gave me the motivation and realization that I could do this if I tried my hardest.

When I landed the job with the Carpe Diem Cafe of Wichita. I had no idea how to even start a website. I started building their website with the Free version of Elementor. After a bit, I realized that I needed something more than the light version. I didn’t like how much Elementor cost. So, the trail led me to find Element Theme’s Divi Editor. By far the best investment that I have made to this day. So, what I did was I threw out the website that I was building off the Elementor theme list and started building the website from scratch on Divi. I realized through building that website that it was very difficult to make changes to the website and undo/redo work.

About a month into the journey, I again found a new way to design a website. I invested in a UI/UX design program called Adobe XD. Beyond the weird name that looks like the old emojis before emojis. It helps the design process of the website This isn’t quite a website yet it’s more like the face of the website. Like the model house in Arrested Development. It has a nice exterior, but the interior doesn’t exist yet. This program allows you to build the website easier and faster by allowing you to worry about the design. No coding in this bad boy.

Two months after landing the job. I was finally into the small details. Changing wording and moving images to make them work better. This job made me realize that I could indeed do this. I had the tools and a small amount of knowledge about building a website. I found something that interested me. So much so that I’d rather build a website than play video games.

You may be wondering where I am going with this…

If you have an idea, a business, or want to learn. The best way of doing it is to go out and start. Not tomorrow, but today. I stumbled into the field through a friend who knew that I had knowledge about Graphic Design. I started with no knowledge of web design and websites. Don’t get me wrong I’m still learning. I know this is said way too much. Believe in yourself! It’s how any founder has done it. People will try to beat you down. The only way to get to your dreams is to fight head-first through the resistance to reach the clouds.

Please do check out Carpe Diem Wichita and what they are doing. I think it’s amazing what they are offering to the community.

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